The WoePal GmbH is your partner for gas sensor technology . We provide expertise ranging from in-situ gas sensing systems , remote sensing and network technologies to data analytics, assessments and presentation of results. We have your back whether you are looking for a holistic solution or individual components to realize your application. You have an application in mind but are not able to shoulder the development alone? We provide information and partnership including finding funding opportunities on regional, national, and European level.



Sensors and sensor systems

The world of sensors and in particular gas sensors is highly complex. In-depth knowledge of the underlying physical principles is crucial to success or failure of monitoring applications. Some applications can not be adequately realized with of-the-shelf sensors. The WoePal GmbH is your direct contact to the latest research results and to develop sensors as well as complete sensor systems tailored to your application.

Microsystems combined with optical technologies provide cost-effective, innovative solutions for selective and sensitive detection of chemical compounds, air pollutants and greenhouse gases. Spectroscopic methods deliver elegant but robust solutions for analyzing solids, liquids and gases. The WoePal GmbH has long standing experience with systems employing thermal light sources, lasers and LEDs. Cost-efficient NDIR or precise laser spectroscopy, we help you to develop innovative systems and open new horizons for scientific and industrial applications.

WoePal features sensors for atmospheric parameters, air pollutants and greenhouse gases which are characterized by small packaging but high precision. And this at a price tag that still allows for deployment of large networks.

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Network technologies

The WoePal GmbH provides you with the technology you need for your IoT sensor network:

  • BluetoohLE: Local devices and sensors. Use BluetoothLE to connect to your mobile or tablet and monitor wherever you go.

  • ZigBee: Mid-range, low power mesh networks. Employ the low-cost, low-power features of Zigbee to construct a wireless mesh network. Zigbee communication aims at battery-powered devices in wireless control and monitoring applications. It builds on the basic security framework defined in IEEE 802.15.4., enabling secure communications and controlling of devices.

  • LoRa & LoRaWan: Long range, low power wide area networks. LoRa® (short for long range) is a technique for wireless communication patented by Semtech. Semtech’s LoRadevices and wireless radio frequency technology (LoRa Technology) is a long range, low power wireless platform that has become the de facto technology for Internet of Things (IoT) networks worldwide. Together with the the open LoRaWAN® protocol it enables smart IoT applications and on any scale and use case including smart cities, smart homes and buildings, smart agriculture, and other smart monitoring applications.


Monitoring and analysis framework

Even the best sensors are only a means to an end. Single measurement or networks of many – time series are recorded to provide answers, allow for real time assessments, and guide decision making.

The WoePal GmbH provides the service of a holistic monitoring and analysis framework. This allows a direct path from deployment to results, providing a short cut to the time consuming and costly process of developing software, analyzing tools to visualize and presentation of results.

Specific problems need to be addressed in a specific way. Our solutions are customized. We are proud to offer further insights using state of the art machine learning to allow you to take the right decisions and stay ahead of the competition.


Tailored Solutions

We provide you with tailored solutions, so you can lead your business to the next level in innovation and competitive capacity. The WoePal GmbH is build on a broad portfolio of expertise in sensor and network technology, data analysis and holistic assessments.

Innovation and development based on your needs: Are you aware that you might be eligible for external, equity free funding to take your developments to market readiness? Based on our long-standing experience in European and national funding programs we help you walk the last mile to success.

Industry 4.0  - Monitoring and analysis of gathered data drive the automatization of processes, reduce costs, increase security and competitiveness. The optimal combination of hardware and software allows you to obtain the data you need, available in real time and accessible on any device from smartphone, desktop, or web application.

Consulting services for studies and proof of concept assessments. Our Team consists of specialists who provide assessments ranging from ground networks, impact assessments of air pollutants on human health to theoretical proof of concept studies for future satellite mission.

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